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Juiced Penguin Episode 065 – Sake’s alive its episode 65!

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Yeah, its that time of year again, a rare post by yours truly.  They say the road to hell is paved with gold (good intentions).  Mine is a mile wide!  Anyway, I finally found some time to put together some of the music that I’ve been listening to from the WFMU FREE MUSIC ARCHIVES.  There is a continuously growing collection of songs.  Also, if you have friends that say their iPods will not play oggfiles, turn your back on them.  Actually have them update iTunes and the ogg codec is now an option.  Lastly, if you have friends that won’t use linux because they can’t synch their ipods, tell them, you cannot be their friend OR you can use GTKpod which will do exactly that, synch their ipods on a linux machine.  Woo Hoo, take that Freedom Haters.  Hate the game not the playah!  Awesome playlist is below, remember keep you hands on the ground and your feet keep reaching for the stars!

Atomic Gardens – Drawing close
Dimenticarmi_Non – Kaleidoscope
The Meaner – devils blues
Hey Chica – Adios Noviembre
Martha and the Muffins – echo beach
Lorenzos music – We all fall down
Mujeres – oh my
Obits – begging dogs
Apache Dropout – Dry Basement

Half time

Isaac Graham – Karl Marx and the Reds
Mist and Mast – Eyes adjust to the dark
The Great Wilderness – Dark horse
Fresh Body Shop – Mr Weirdo
Pacta – Salix
ASS – Hoboken sucks
El Sagrado – Pass me the fire

Brad Sucks – dropping out

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